Compositions at 64-cell board by Andrew Fomin

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Re: Compositions at 64-cell board by Andrew Fomin

Post by FOMIN » Tue Aug 01, 2023 21:22

1.cb8 de7 2.ac7 ed6 3.ce5 ff2 4.ba7 fe1 5.af2 ea5 6.ab4 ag3 7.hf8x
1.ab8 cb6 2.ac7 ef2 3.ge3 ed6 4.ce5 ff2 5.ba7 etc. x
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Compositions at 64-cell board
Post by FOMIN » Sat Aug 25, 2018 04:24
1.hg7 g:e5 2.gf8 dc3 3.f:c5 c:e1 4.cf2 e:a5 5.ab4 a:g3 6.h:b8x
Re: ИнТер
Post by Fomin Fr., Aug., of 24, 2018 9:31 pm
........S. Pupkin..........
№835 : S. Pupkin -S. Khottabychev,
variant from the draights party.
1.c5 2 c7 3.c1 g1 4.gf6 5.hg5 6.ef2 7.c:e3 x

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